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To get started with Spurtcommerce, install NodeJS if you haven’t yet. Install NodeJS on Ubuntu now.

Spurtcommerce comes with certain standard features in its default solution, using which you can build avant-garde eCommerce Portal that matches today’s eCommerce trends and Customer preferences.

Multi-Vendor Online Marketplace: The Solution comes with standard features to customize an Online Marketplace with Multi-Vendor Capabilities.

Headless: Spurtcommerce is a fully customizable solution with an architecture where front end is completely separated from the backend. It offers full freedom for the brand to enrich customer experience, without disturbing the back end.

Localization feature in Spurtcommerce lets your eCommerce portal be specify to any particular currency, country, taxation, payment gateways and shipping gateways.

Customer Account for Customers to view and manage their orders, its statuses, order history and their shipping and billing addresses.

Order Management comes with all full functionality with changing of order status in admin and vendor, viewing of order details, split up of sub-orders if the order consists of products from different vendors and printing of the invoice.

Shopping cart comes with features for adding product to the cart, changing of quantity, check out, adding shipping and billing addresses and navigation to payment gateway.

Product Detail Page with all the details of the product like title, description, attributes, reviews, variants, product images, product videos, product questions and answers and pricing with any offers and discounts.

Payments API and Plugin can be integrated for the Customers to check out the cart and make the payment through PayPal, Stripe, Razor pay, etc.

Spurtcommerce Plugin Architecture makes it easy to manage your integrations for customisation of your eCommerce portal.

Customisation is supported for those unique requirements that can be fulfilled on top of the default solution, with tweaking and forking of the code or new development altogether.

How to get started

You can follow our Step-by-Step Instructions to deploy Spurtcommerce.


You can first set up your development environment with the Prerequisites and then deploy Spurtcommerce.

Spurtcommerce Admin

The Spurtcommerce Admin comes with all the functionality for complete end-to-end management of Vendors, Customers, Sales, Orders and Payments. Through this panel, the admin can have a unified control of the entire eCommerce portal of Multi- Vendor and Storefront. You can install the Spurtcommerce Admin by following this simple step-by-step guide.

Spurtcommerce Storefront

The Spurtcommerce Storefront comes with all the functionality of world-class eCommerce storefronts for the Customers to have ultimate shopping experience with product search and filters, categories, product list page and detail page, shopping cart options, check out and payment gateway, along with customer accounts to view and manage their orders. Spurtcommerce comes with storefronts built on cutting-edge technologies – React, Angular and Flutter. You can install the Spurtcommerce Storefront by following this simple step-by-step guide.


Spurtcommerce Open-Source Community Edition comes with the basic eCommerce capabilities and gives you full freedom to customize and online store. The Spurtcommerce Community is active with 20,000 + Members, who are contributing towards the Solution to thrive in the eCommerce world.


For Open-Source Edition, you can always post queries in the Spurtcommerce Community that will be addressed with 48 hours to 72 hours’ time. For Premium Edition, we provide email support and skype support to fix any version mis-match issues. We provide complete deployment services for one domain.

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