Razor Pay Addon

The integration of this Addon will give your eCommerce portal with a payment option for the Customers to check out their shopping cart with Razor Pay Payment Gateway.

Setup an API (Step By Step)

For setting up the API, you need to execute the following steps:

  • Installing an extension

  • Run the application

  • Make the build

Step 1 : Installing an extension

These are the steps that need to be executed for installation of the extension.

Usually spurcommerce comes packed in a zip, whose name ends in "razorpay-addOn.zip".

Extract the zip file, open api folder and open addon folder within that and copy the content of addon folder into the specified path.

Path - <PROJECT_ROOT>/add-ons/Payment/

Step 2 : Run the application

After you have completed the installation of the above mentioned steps, you can run the application and also view the changes.

$ npm start serve 

Once you execute the above command, add-on file will get integrated into the backend API.

Step 3 : Make the build

These are the steps that need to be followed for generating the build.

$ npm run build

Then latest built files can be deployed into the server.

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