Technology stack

Migrating to new technology is the only means to sustain the growing needs of eCommerce industry.

The Expressjs, Nodejs, Angular and other libraries

We have thoughtfully chosen the open source libraries based on their technical supremacy, security and stability. These libraries allows you to adapt and customize code to your specific requirements, giving you complete flexibility and freedom, with the code not having connected to any particular Developer or specific somebody.

Open source technology and frameworks

Open source technology and frameworks have given the Developers the greatest advantage of tweaking the code to any special requirement. They may add or delete employment and always change it to the requirements of their Customers. This offers complete flexibility to the businesses to make changes and enhancements, whenever need arises.

MySQL Database

MySQL is an open source free to use database that facilitates effective management of databases by linking them to the software. It is highly stable, reliable and powerful solution and ensures complete security of data, scalability and high performance of the software. It is highly reliable, fast and easily portable.

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