React Store Front

Get the most aspired React Storefront for your eCommerce portal, using this step-by-step guide for setup.


Step 1-Download and Install node version of 14.17.2 and above

Step 2 -

1-sudo apt update

2-sudo apt install curl

3-curl -sL | sudo bash -

4-sudo apt -y install nodejs

Go through the following steps

Step 3 - Extract the zip file of the project that is given to you.

Follow the given navigation:

Step 4 - Open store ->environment->.env.development , that file will look like as given below

For example: export const NEXT_PUBLIC_SERVER_URL=''

export const NEXT_PUBLIC_IMAGE_URL=''

export const NEXT_PUBLIC_VIDEO_URL=''

Step 5- In .env.development, you have to set , as given below:

Step 6 - In NEXT_PUBLIC_SERVER_URL, you have set endpoint path(e.g:"http://localhost:9000/api/")which will get while running api.

Step 7- In NEXT_PUBLIC_IMAGE_URL, you have to give resize image api url path(e.g:"http://localhost:9000/api/media/image-resize").

Step 8 - In NEXT_PUBLIC_VIDEO_URL, you have to give resize image api url path(e.g:"http://localhost:9000/api/media/video-preview-s3/").

Follow the next/Image configuration:

Step 9- Open store->next.config.js, that file will look like as given below

for example:

module.exports = { images: {

domains: ["Your API url for image"], //eg: - if your link is means you need to specify as



Run the Project

Step 10 - To install the dependencies related to the project, open the terminal and give the command

npm install 

and continue the following command to run the project

npm run dev

To build the application please follow the link React store front in frontend deployment setup.

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