About Spurtcommerce v.4.8.4 Documents

The documents will serve as the best guide for the Developers to easily get started with Multi-Vendor Marketplace setup, installment and deployment.

The documentation has been prepared keeping in the mind the standards of Developer help guides. This document has been prepared with utmost care and making sure every step is clear for any Developer to easily follow and start with the setup and installation process and deployment there after. The documents are self-explanatory.

Spurtcommerce Code Parts

This is to show you the split up of each part of the code that will serve as a different UI's for various users in the eCommerce Portal, along with the APIs for all the eCommerce functionality.

Development tool Integration

We have used various Development tools to ensure and enhance the performance of Spurtcommerce Multi-Vendor Solution.

RabbitMQ Message Broker

We have tested and verified the use of RabbitMQ for a requirement of order process queuing. The service can be availed by us if a queuing system for sending notifications or order processing or for any other similar process.

Lambda Function

We have used Lambda function in combination with CDN network for product image optimization and on the fly cropping for better performance and speedier loading of images.

Cloud Storage options

Cloud Storage options of AWS S3 can be used for storing media files like images, documents and videos. Spurtcommerce marketplace solution is on AWS cloud server. We have tested and verified on GCP and Azure and services for the same can be availed by us.

What's New

This section is the document for providing you with the new updates that includes both technological upgrades and feature upgrades, along with new addon upgrades in Spurtcommerce current and upcoming versions.

Change log

This section is for the Developers to understand the new changes in the source code of both default system and addons, from previous version to the current version. This will help the Developers to track the changes in source code and make necessary updates.

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